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Meet Merchado

We're a Sheffield-based studio providing e-commerce, content management and SEO solutions.

We work with a number of off-the-shelf and custom e-commerce and CMS platforms including Wordpress, Contentful,, Woocommerce, CommerceJS and Moltin.

Over the last 18 months we've transitioned to a focus on headless development. Right at the forefront of modern web and mobile technology, we use the JAMstack to create blazingly-fast systems. Ones that are easy to maintain, foolproof to deploy and effortless to scale.

Once your site is live, we offer a comprehensive SEO service. This increases your search engine visibility and - most importantly - keeps it there no matter what.

Our Services

We let real designers handle your design. We focus on what we know best.


We provide e-commerce development from small tweaks to complete builds. We're platform agnostic; if you need advice on which platform is best for you, we can give you an honest opinion.

We can integrate fully with a headless CMS so that you have the best of both worlds - one system developed specifically for commerce and one developed specifically for publishing content. No compromises.

Content Management

We work mainly work with Contentful or to build lightning-fast, flexible and secure publishing solutions. We can integrate seamlessly with any other platform of your choice be it internal to your organisation or external to clients/stakeholders.

We're also experienced Wordpress developers and both build and maintain Wordpress sites on a regular basis.


If you need to expose an interface to your existing data, we can build an API to suit.

An API allows you to share data on your own terms and/or to interface with third party systems such as payment providers.

We use Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services to fully secure and manage your API.


We're regularly sub-contracted by other design and development agencies for specific projects, or on an ad-hoc basis.

It's impossible these days to hold all required skills in-house, so sub-contracting is an invaluable tool to fully meet a customer's requirements.

Give us a call if you think we might be able to help you.


Whether a new or existing site, we offer long-term SEO strategies to make sure that customers can find you easily - and before your competitors.

SEO is an ongoing process and a cost which is easily recouped through an increase in traffic to your site. It requires in-depth knowledge of how search engines work; we're able to draw up and implement an effective strategy for any industry.

Reputation Management

Search engines and users themselves place a great emphasis on online reviews, so it's imperative to stay on top of feedback across all platforms.

If you're hit by negative reviews, we offer a reputation management and monitoring service. This seeks to bury or remove detrimental reviews.

To be effective, reputation management needs to be combined with a long-term SEO strategy.

Our Tech

We genuinely love what we do and keep up with the latest and greatest developments.

(this is the techie bit)


We've now standardised our tooling with Webpack. We transpile from ES6 which - along with NPM - means that we no longer rely on jQuery.

After time spent evaluating Gatsby, Next.js and react-static power our headless development and GraphQL is our preferred database query language.


Node.js, Rust, Go & Python have all seen use in our API code. Hosting is usually Heroku for dev & either AWS or GCP for live.

From a front-end perspective, we compile to static where possible and host with Netlify.


We use a range of SQL and NoSQL databases at Merchado, along with SSGs that use nothing more than simple Markdown files.

We prefer PostgreSQL to MySQL/MariaDB. Firestore or FaunaDB for serverless. AWS, GCP or Azure for blob storage.


Our workflow is git / docker / unit test / CI / CD. Or a combination based on the exact project requirements.

Everything's nicely documented where actually necessary and we're suckers for following a style guide.

Our Clients

A selection of those we've helped

A headless commerce platform gives companies the full potential of best-in-class online retail

Dirk Hoerig CEO, commercetools

The rise of the headless CMS approach and the benefits it provides for users, developers and operations mean it’s only going to become the default way to implement true multichannel, multibrand applications going forward John Winter, co-founder @ Content Bloom

(But) as we move deeper into the era of IoT, publishing to a handful of channels is no longer cutting the mustard. Large brands want the power to publish their content anywhere

Sam Saltis CoreDNA

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